One Cent Flights

You may be surprised to learn that you can actually get one cent flights these days. Yes that's right, one cent flights. A relatively new development in the travel industry, these 'one cent flights' are actually a bidding business model that auction off flights with a starting bid of one cent and often result in customers securing flights for mere pocket change. A uniquely Australian service, these one cent flights models are exclusive to Australian destinations and offer an exciting way to shop for flights, pitting users against each other as they try to outbid the competition and score a flight for the best price possible. If you bid only how much you want to spend, then you just have to hope for the best and if you are outbid, then perhaps you can try and win another auction at a later stage.

However, consumers should be warned as there are some models of these once cent flights services that can be misleading and end up costing far more than the advertised bidding price of just a couple of dollars. Customers should make sure that they thoroughly read and understand all the terms and conditions of the service before signing up and think carefully about what flights they wish to bid on and how much they would like to spend. In most cases, users are not bidding 'one cent' on these advertised flights but are in fact bidding one 'credit' and with credits required to be pre-purchased in bundles, often costing between 80c to $1 each that flight that is advertised as selling for only $2.30 in fact cost the winning bidder around $230. It is also important to consider that once you bid, that 'credit' is gone whether you win the auction or not. Which means that if you bid 10 credits on an advertised flight, the auction recognises this as 10c, however if you pre-purchased them at $1 each you are actually bidding $10 that you won't get back if you don't win. In order to come close to winning an auction, users need to bid credits into the hundreds which means they end up losing hundreds of dollars.

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