Round The World Flights

Round the world flights are a popular and easy way to travel to all your dream destinations on a single plane ticket. Round the world flights offer the convenience of up to 850 destination options, all able to be booked at once, allowing you to plan your holiday stop by stop. Giving you the opportunity to travel more than 60,000km by plane, round the world flights service 6 continents and up to 20 destinations per trip. Ensuring you don't have to rush your amazing experience, round the world flights are also valid for a year, giving you 12 whole months to explore the world.

Although round the world flights do require you to travel in one continuous direction between continental zones, you do have the option of travelling east or west and once you reach a destination you are able to travel freely within it. With airlines partnering up with a number of different carriers across the globe, round the world flights are offered from more than 28 air carriers offering more flexible fares and prices. Round the world flights are available in Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First classes and offer up to 50 alternative flight options for your itinerary.

Round the world flights also offer multi-city itineraries for different segments, but do require a minimum of four continents to be visited. However, the continent you depart from is counted in this number. Round the world flights prices are based on travel class and the number of continental zones you travel in and allow you to book up to 16 segments with a minimum of two stopovers. From Asia to Africa, Europe to South America, the United States to Australia and everything in between, experience the cultures of the world with these amazing round the world flights.

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