Mystery Flights

The advent of mystery flights in the air carrier and travel industry is an interesting one. Ostensibly, you are purchasing a flight to an unknown destination. It sounds a little odd, doesn't it? Perhaps, but mystery flights continue to prove their popularity, so perhaps it's not so odd after all. They're certainly a lot cheaper than regular flights and although this may seem like for obvious reasons, mystery flights are a great way to enjoy a break on the cheap. Generally used for a shorter break, mystery flights offer an affordable little getaway, as long as you don't mind the destination being a surprise.

Mystery flights are usually for quick getaways due to the fact that you don't actually know where you're going. Imagine getting to your destination only to find that you weren't enjoying it! More than a few days and you might be regretting your decision. Although that is highly unlikely, it is a possibility to consider. Another aspect to think about is the fact that you can't pre-arrange any accommodation or tours. After all, it's pretty hard to book something when you've got no idea where you're going. In saying that, there are always a great range of accommodation options available in most major destinations to suit all budgets and mystery flights are never offered to destinations during special events or peak periods, to minimise the risk of accommodation not being available when you arrive.

Mystery flights are actually a great way to explore somewhere new and are an exciting and affordable way to discover the beauty and hidden gems of the country. If you can let go of the feeling of needing to have control, then mystery flights are a really fun way to enjoy an adventure and see the sights in your home country, something that is becoming less common yet seems to be on everyone's 'to do' list.

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