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Despite being Bali's oldest beachside town, Sanur remains an upmarket area with an abundance of holiday resorts and restaurants. Sanur features a wide range of natural, cultural and historical attractions while still offering the fantastic shopping opportunities and stunning beaches that Bali is renowned for. The laidback atmosphere of this region has made it one of Bali's popular holiday destinations for visitors wanting to get away from the bustling party atmosphere of central Bali.

The attractions of Sanur are centred around rich experiences and the vibrant culture. The Le Mayeur Museum is dedicated to the life works of famous Belgian impressionist Adrian Jean Le Mayeur who used to call Sanur home. The area is also known for the colourful giant kites that decorate the skies and are celebrated each July at the Annual International Kite Festival. Traditional Balinese kites of up to 10 metres long are handmade and flown in the competition by teams from local villages. If you aren't visiting during July you can still see the teams practicing flying their kites throughout the year.

The Pura Blanjong (Blanjong Temple) is one of Sanur's most sacred temples and is a must see on any Bali holiday. Home to the stone pillar bearing the Prasati Blanjong historical inscription by a 10th century Javanese king, who is said to have ordained the first formal government in Bali. This is Bali's oldest known artifact and is particularly significant to the local people, hence the temple's grand scale.

For exploring the local area, the cycle path along the paved beachfront is ideal both on a bicycle or on foot. A 5 kilometre stretch of scenic pathway, the trail extends from Jalan Hangtuan's main beach in the north to Jalan Mertasari in the south. Offering excellent photo opportunities as well as a great range of shopping and dining, the path is particularly popular in the mornings. Sanur's local night markets are a fantastic way to wind up your day while sampling some of the region's best local produce.

The weather here is relatively warm year in and year out with daytime average temperatures ranging from 20°C to 33°C (68°F to 93°F). December to March experiences a more humid climate that is characterised by heavy showers from the west monsoon although most days remain sunny with heavy but brief showers later in the day. June to September has less humidity and temperatures tend to fall, particularly at night.

Navigating the streets of Sanur is made simple by the myriad of bicycle, motorbike and car rental facilities available. Metered taxis also frequent the streets so you will never get caught short. For a more authentic experience you can try your luck with a local bemo (bus) but these services are infrequent making them difficult to rely on. Walking is an excellent way to explore Sanur as nothing is ever too far away, the streets are fairly safe and the paved walkways make discovering the island easy.

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