Bali Weddings

Bali is a stunning holiday destination and a popular destination for weddings. Its rich culture, tropical island atmosphere, spectacular beaches and unique scenery make for the ideal, exotic wedding location. Celebrating your special day in Bali creates memories to last a lifetime so to ensure your wedding day is memorable for all the right reasons, it's important to be informed about all the finer details about getting married in Bali.

Unless you are very familiar with Bali, it's recommended that you employ the services of a wedding planner to help take care of everything for your special day. These planners often have great relationships with hotels, resorts, restaurants, reception venues, caterers, florists and the other important people that contribute to making your wedding an amazing experience. They are able to negotiate prices and provide knowledgeable advice to ensure you get the most out of your budget.

Whether you are having an intimate ceremony on the beach or are going all out for a huge celebration, there are a few things you will need to do to be married in Bali. Any couples intending to marry in Bali are required to declare a religion with the Civil Registry Office, however the only religions accepted are Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian-Catholic and Christian-Protestant. Partners must declare the same religion or submit a change of religion via written declaration.

Couples who do not follow an Islamic faith must also file a Notice of Intention to Marry with the Civil Registry office and present a consular representative Letter of No Impediment to Marriage. To obtain the Letter of No Impediment, couples must present the consular representative with their passports which must be valid for longer than 6 months as well as any Certified death certificates or divorce decree (absolute) for the dissolution of any preceding marriages.

To submit the Notice of Intention to Marry both partners must file the below documents (display the original as well as providing a copy) at the Civil Registry Office -

  • Certificate of the religious marriage;
  • Passport for foreign citizens, or KTP (Identity card) for Indonesian citizens;
  • Certified birth certificate;
  • Certified divorce decree (absolute) or death certificates regarding the termination of all previous marriages;
  • Four 4x6 cm photos, both partners side by side;
  • 'Letter of No Impediment to Marriage' issued by your Consular Representative for Bali or Indonesia

Two witnesses over 18 years are required. Civil Registry employees can act as witnesses.

Generally the Civil Registry office imposes a mandatory 10 day waiting period from the date you filed your intention however tourists may be able to have this waived by presenting their guest registration form.

All Islamic marriages are legal immediately after the ceremony, however other religious marriages must be recorded with the Civil Registry Office to be considered legal. A recording by a Registry official can be performed directly at the ceremony for an additional fee. Otherwise, Marriage Certificates are usually issued on the same or next day. It is also recommended that couples obtain a sworn English translation of the Marriage Certificate to return home with.