Bali Massage

Bali is renowned as a spa paradise and has one of the highest ratios of spas to population anywhere in the world. Massages and spa treatments are readily available from both high end spas and smaller on-street parlours or even on the beach. Most resorts are also home to onsite spa and massage facilities which offer state-of-the-art treatment rooms, amenities and only the best products used by some of the most qualified therapists.

Not only are Bali's massages of a high standard and readily available, they're also renowned for being some of the cheapest in the world. Bali massage ranges from 50,000 Rp for on beach or off street massages to 100,000 Rp for a one hour massage in a more high end spa facility. However, this converts to approximately AUD$5.00 to AUD$10.00 making spoiling yourself while in Bali easily affordable every day, if not multiple times a day.

Bali massage techniques have been developed throughout Indonesia over time, taking influences from traditional medicine and healing practices of China, Southeast Asia and India. Traditional Balinese massage techniques include skin flicking and rolling, gentle and firm stroking, acupressure, percussion, hot stone therapy and the use of essential oils. Physical and aromatherapy is used to relax the customer, loosen fascial restrictions, improve the flow of blood and stimulate the lymphatic system.

As with everything in Bali, age old traditions have been combined with modern developments to create a unique experience and this is also true with massage. A number of massage parlours and spas offer a wide range of treatments that also include Shiatsu massage techniques, thumb and palm pressure, long strokes, arm strokes and more. Spas also offer more on their treatment menus than just massage, visitors can also treat themselves to body scrubs, reflexology, hot stone therapy, facials, manicures and pedicures, ear candling and more.