Bali Beaches

Bali is renowned as a spectacular beachside holiday destination for the many beautiful beaches that are located around this tropical island paradise. Most popular for surfing, swimming and working on your tan, Bali beaches are generally good quality although this can be affected between seasons.

Bali beaches are generally at their best during the Dry Season from April to October with west coast areas including Seminyak, Kuta, Legian and Jimbaran offering clean beaches and calm waters with little offshore wind and minimal erosion. However during the Wet Season, flotsam and rubbish is often washed up onto these western facing beaches and the heavy rain can deposit run off, making the beaches less than ideal.

The beaches in Sanur and Nusa Dua aren't as affected by the seasons although some erosion still occurs in winter. Kuta Beach can experience rough surf conditions that produce a strong undertow and potentially dangerous rip currents but safe swimming areas are designated by flags and lifeguards patrol some areas of the beach. Legian and Seminyak Beaches can also experience some rough surf conditions however Nusa Dua and Sanur are nicer thanks to the offshore reef that protects the beach from heavy surf.

Top Ten Beaches in Bali

Kuta Beach: The most popular beach in Bali, this fast-paced beach was once a surfing destination but is now known as a party beach with plenty of accommodation options, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Legian Beach: Located adjacent to Kuta Beach, Legian is much more peaceful and less crowded with little of the commercialisation seen at some of the other more energetic beaches.

Seminyak Beach: Located north of Legian Beach, Seminyak is known as a more upmarket beach that is much quieter than the others and has developed a trendy following.

Nusa Dua Beach: Protected by a lagoon, Nusa Dua beach offers soft white sand ideal for relaxing.

Sanur Beach: Another of Bali's more popular beaches, Sanur is located on the south east coast and enjoys pristine sands.

Jimbaran Beach: A leisurely beach with a long tropical stretch of quiet beach ideal for sunbaking.

Lovina Beach: Located on Bali's northern tip, Lovina is a unique beach known for its black sand, dolphin spotting opportunities, excellent snorkelling and fantastic water activities.

Padang Padang Beach: Located south of Jimbaran Beach, Padang Padang is the ultimate Bali beach offering fantastic swimming, snorkelling and surfing.

Dreamland Beach: Just 25 minutes from Kuta, Dreamland is surrounded by limestone cliffs and is renowned for its stunning sunsets and a popular spot to watch the surfers.

Padang Bai Beach: Actually a group of beaches, Padang Bai is made up of a number of private beaches and blue lagoons.