Western Australia Weather & Climate

Western Australia weather and climate is one of the most diverse in the country and varies from the tropical north to the temperate south. The weather in the north is characterised by wet and dry seasons while the southern areas experience four distinct seasons - summer, autumn, winter and spring.

The diversity of Western Australia's climate makes it an ideal holiday destination year round, however the best time to visit will depend on the seasonality of wildlife attractions, events and pricing between seasons.

The northern dry season falls between April and September with long sunny days and clear blue skies. Temperatures range from 24 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 34 degrees Celsius. The wet season occurs from October to March and temperatures reach the mid to high 30s with high humidity.

During this time locals and visitors can experience the natural wonder of a tropical rainstorm characterised by billowing clouds at 40,000 feet that unleash tonnes of water in driving rain. During this season it is not uncommon for northern coastal areas to receive more than 1.5 metres of rain.

Electrical storms can also be witnessed and although not as intense as the tropical rainstorms, they are a brilliant sight to behold. The sky flashes into life with sheets of crackling lightning illuminating the night sky for kilometres.

The weather of the southern coastal regions of the South West on the other hand is a little milder and records average maximum temperatures of around 32 degrees in summer and 14 degrees in winter. There is generally more sunny weather in Perth than any other Australian capital city, earning the state a reputation for perfect weather that lends itself to a relaxed outdoor lifestyle.

Annual Average Climate

Averages Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 21 16 20 28 71 103 112 94 61 32 19 11
Temp (°C) 24.7 24.9 23.1 19.7 16.3 13.9 12.9 13.3 14.4 17 20.5 22.9
Min Temp (°C) 19 19.3 17.8 15.1 12.3 10.1 9.2 9.5 10.7 12.6 15.4 17.4
Max Temp (°C) 31.2 31.3 29.1 24.9 21 18.1 16.9 17.4 18.7 22.1 26.3 29.1

Annual Average Temperature Graph (°C)

Annual Average Rainfall Graph (mm)

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