Pinnacles Desert

One of the most visited attractions in Western Australia, the Pinnacles Desert is also one of the most popular natural attractions in the region. Located along the Indian Ocean Drive at the southern gateway to the country's Coral Coast, the Pinnacles Desert is situated within Nambung National Park. A natural habitat for a wide range of bird life and native wildlife, the park's most famous attraction is The Pinnacles - incredible natural limestone formations. Approximately 200km north of Perth, the park covers 17,487 hectares and is just 2 hours' drive from the state's capital. If you don't want to hire a car to visit this amazing attraction, you can join a Pinnacles and Lancelin tour for an intimate small group tour and ease of access.

The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park - Tourism Western Australia

These unique structures were formed between 25,000 to 30,000 years ago from seashell deposits left after the sea receded. The surrounding sand was slowly eroded over time by coastal winds, exposing the pillars to the elements and resulting in the amazing attractions we see today. Displaying nature's timeline, the Pinnacles range in size, with some reaching as high as 3.5m.

These mysterious structures and the almost lunar desert in which they exist are a spectacle to behold whether driving or exploring on foot. Looking back towards the coast is an exercise in the vast difference in landscapes. The yellow earth gives way to bright white sand dunes before the sparkling blue of the Indian Ocean catches your eye. It's straight out of an artist's paintbox and the perfect photo opportunity.

You can visit the Pinnacles Desert and the Nambung National Park at any time, however visitors are not permitted after 9pm. Early morning or late afternoon visitors are likely to spot native wildlife such as emus and kangaroos, while those who prefer to see this incredible attraction in both day and night will be treated to amazing views of the Milky Way after dark. You can join a dedicated nighttime tour or if you prefer to explore on your own, be sure to pack a torch and stick to the paths for safety.

Getting to the Pinnacles Desert and Nambung National Park is an easy and attractive 2 hour drive from Perth heading north along Wanneroo Road. Follow it until it turns into Indian Ocean Drive and simply turn right, following the signs for the Pinnacles. Both the park and desert are easily accessible by two-wheel drive vehicles and visitors need only pay a $15 National Park Entry Fee per private vehicle to contribute to environmental protection, park management and the development and maintenance of visitor facilities.