Getting Around Vanuatu

Vanuatu transport is rather basic due to the undeveloped road systems on the island. Although it offers an authentic island experience, there are less than 160km of paved roads, with road systems consisting mostly of dirt tracks. As such, 4WD vehicles, vans and mini-buses are the most common mode of Vanuatu transport. Each island features one to two small airstrips where the light planes that service the islands can land as well as small wharfs or ports where boats and smaller ships can dock, with the main harbours located in Port Vila, Espiritu Santo and Forari. There are no railways on the islands however bicycles are becoming quite a popular mode of Vanuatu transport with taxis and transit vans also very common.

Transfer boat

Although there is no public transport in place in Vanuatu, a number of privately owned mini-buses provide transport around the islands and can be identified by a plaque displaying the letter 'B' attached to their number plates. With hardly any bus stops located on the islands, these mini-buses are everywhere and can simply be hailed from the side of the road. These buses will take you anywhere you want to go and generally cost about AUD$1.20 for a trip around town. With no set bus routes, often a trip on these local buses are an experience to themselves and can end up being a bit of a round island tour.

Taxis also provide Vanuatu transport however they aren't metered and are around the same price as the buses. It should be noted that the motor vehicles found in Vanuatu aren't renowned for their quality and often trips in these are more of a novelty for visitors. Port Vila is home to a number of rental companies that offer scooters, motorcycles, cars, vans, small trucks and mini-buses for hire if you feel like taking matters into your own hands however the roads around the islands, particularly in Efate, are riddled with pot holes so drivers should take caution as they navigate around the islands.

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