Vanuatu Events

Vanuatu events are an entertaining and fascinating insight into the local culture and history. There are a number of Vanuatu events held throughout the year, with a minimum of one main event or celebration held every month. There are many annual Vanuatu events and public holidays that are observed, however some dates may change depending on the calendar year so it is a good idea to check the exact dates closer to the time of your visit.

Vanuatu Music Night

Important Vanuatu Events

February - Father Walter Lini Day - Public Holiday: A memorial day celebrating Vanuatu's 'father of Independence' Walter Lini.

March - Custom Chiefs Day - Public Holiday: Recognises the power of local 'Jifs' or chieftains over economy, politics, judiciary and more.

April - Naghol: A famous land diving ritual to promote a plentiful yam harvest and transition young boys into manhood through a test of courage.

May - Full Moon Sail: A fun way for locals and tourists to socialise, boats and yachts race towards the setting sun before turning around and returning to Port Vila once it disappears.

June - Fete de la Musique: Also known as World Music Day, this festival celebrates the gift of music through free concerts and live street performances by both amateur and professional musicians.

July - Independence Day - Public Holiday: Marks the end of colonial rule by the French and British in 1980.

August - Assumption Day - Public Holiday: Celebrates the ascent of Virgin Mary to heaven. Local Christians attend several special church services.

September - Toka Festival: A 4-day event on Tanna Island featuring traditionally dressed and painted male dancers who catch and trap women, throwing them into the air until the chief signals it's time for the feast.

October - Constitution Day - Public Holiday: A day of remembrance dedicated to the leaders who framed the country's first laws.

November - Unity Day - Public Holiday: Celebrating the nation's heritage and culture, this Port Vila event features a parade with traditional dances, drums, singing and handclaps.

December - Family Day - Public Holiday: A day where people enjoy time with and give thanks for their family, often taking part in community or religious events and feasts.

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