Vanuatu Beaches

Vanuatu beaches are renowned for their soft white sand, golden sun kissed glow, fascinating coral deposits and sparkling turquoise waters ideal for snorkelling and swimming. There are many hotels and resorts located on the beachfronts to make the most of the island's stunning natural environment and no matter where you're staying, enjoying the beach is a big part of every Vanuatu holiday. With so many to choose from, the below list of top Vanuatu beaches is designed to explain your options.

VTO - Sunset

Champagne Beach - Espiritu Santo: One of the South Pacific's best beaches, this pristine palm-fringed stretch of sand is set on the northeast coast of the island and boasts a secluded atmosphere, crystal clear waters, creamy white sand and charming beachside cafes.

Erakor Beach - Erakor Island: Set on the shores of Erakor Lagoon, this beautiful beach enjoys white velvety sands, calm clear waters and is just a short ferry ride from Santo, fringing a small atoll off the east shore of Port Vila.

Bokissa Beach - Bokissa Island: Located off Santo's southern tip, this stunning beach features soft white sand shaded by swaying palms and is the ideal spot to swim, snorkel and enjoy a range of water activities in the azure lagoon.

Breakas Beach - Efate Island: A crescent shaped beach on the Pango peninsula, enjoy peace and quiet in the shade of a tree just a short drive from Port Vila. Fronting an adult's only resort, this beach enjoys privacy.

Eratap Beach - Efate Island: Just 20 minutes from Port Vila, this secluded beach is set on the island's southern coastline and offers excellent swimming, snorkelling and even surfing in some parts with plenty of picturesque scenery to enjoy.

Paradise Cove Beach - Efate Island: Paradise by name and paradise by nature, this stunning beach is surrounded by lush lawns on Port Vila's southern peninsula with waters safe for swimmers and snorkellers of all abilities.

Tamanu Beach - Efate Island: With creature comforts just a short stroll away, you can relax on this picture-perfect crescent beach that meets a captivating blue lagoon on the island's southeast coast, just 20 minutes from Port Vila.

Hideaway Beach - Efate Island: Relish the crunch of tiny coral under your feet on this dramatic beach that meets a deep blue lagoon ideal for snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking and a whole range of water sports.

Aore Beach - Aore Island: Located on the island's northern shore, this relaxing beach is just a short boat ride from Luganville Town across the bay. However if you feel like staying put, and you probably will, you can swim, snorkel and sunbake to your heart's content.

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