Best Time To Visit Lady Elliot Island

Renowned for it's eco-friendly initiatives and environmentally focused resort, Lady Elliot Island is an outstanding destination perfect for a range of travellers. Offering the perfect combination of nature and holiday relaxation, Lady Elliot Island ticks all the boxes for an amazing holiday experience. When planning a holiday to Lady Elliot Island, it helps to know when the best times to visit are. Holiday priorities such as seasonal weather, events and pricing can determine when Lady Elliot Island is at it's best. Consider the seasonal guide below to determine your best time to visit Lady Elliot Island.


January - March

Renowned as one of the most popular times to visit, the summer months welcome turtle hatching season. From February to April, thousands of baby turtles emerge from their nests and scurry along the sand into the nearby surf. A truly unique experience, guests flock from all over the world to witness the incredible natural event. Weather-wise, throughout the summer Months, Lady Elliot Island enjoys a very warm and humid climate. The chance of rainfall is also higher at this time of year.

April - June

After the summer rain, autumn brings cooler temperatures and sunny days. A fantastic season for swimming, scuba diving and reef walking, this is a great time to visit Lady Elliot Island. During May and June, water visibility is exceptional and manta rays are particularly prevalent in the waters. The water is lovely and warm and guests can enjoy a range of outdoor activities that revolve around the flora, fauna and marine life of the incredible island.

July - September

While the rest of Australia rugs up for the winter months, Lady Elliot Island enjoys spectacular weather filled with warm sunny days and minimal rainfall. Temperatures average around 23°C during the water is still perfectly warm to swim in. Winter is an amazing time for snorkelling and scuba diving on Lady Elliot Island where the crystal clear waters are abundant with marine life including turtles, manta rays and even humpback whales. Visibility for diving is also fantastic during this time of year, sitting at approximately 30m. This is often considered the best time to visit Lady Elliot Island.

October - December

November begins Lady Elliot Island's turtle nesting season. During this time, many species of turtles make their way up to the beach to lay their eggs in the sand. Sea birds also inhabit the island during this time of year as they begin their summer breeding season. Throughout the spring/summer months, temperatures average around 27°C. Coral spawning generally occurs in December and makes for an unforgettable sight. Thanks to the warm weather and coinciding school holidays, December is a busy time to visit Lady Elliot Island. Christmas and New Years brings an influx of tourists to the region, and the island is buzzing with excitement and activities.

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