Lady Elliot Island Nature Calendar

Lady Elliot Island's spectacular environment and abundance of wildlife makes it the perfect destination for a nature-filled escape. Lying within the highly protected 'Green Zone' of the Great Barrier Ref, Lady Elliot Island's biodiversity is truly remarkable. Experience over 1,200 species of marine life including dolphins, whales, turtles and hundreds of tropical fish and spend days exploring the rich and diverse landscapes. Together with an abundance of bird life including mutton birds, silvereyes, and ruddy ternstones, Lady Elliot Island is bursting with wildlife.

Throughout the year, there are many natural events that occur on Lady Elliot Island. From whale migrations to turtle hatchings, there is always something on show at Lady Elliot Island. Regardless of what time of year you choose to visit, the amazing nature is sure to leave a lasting impression on your holiday experience.


January: Active bird life. Peak breeding season for sea birds. Bird life population increased significantly and the island gets quite busy and a little noisy at times. Female turtles lay eggs and nest. Mantra rays are prevalent all throughout the year.

February: Female turtles continue to lay eggs. Turtle hatchlings begin to emerge and make their way to the sea. Bird life is still active and young sea birds begin learning to fly.

March: A number of seabirds depart the island towards the end of summer. Turtles continue to hatch.

April: Last of the turtle hatclings leave their nests.

May: Peak manta ray season begins with large numbers arriving during the winter months.

June: Humpback whale migration season begins. Whale songs can be heard underwater while swimming, snorkelling and diving around the island. Manta rays still abundant in waters.

July: Whales continue to migrate and manta rays sightings are frequent.Turtles are prevalent on the island.

August: Peak manta ray season draws to a close. and sea birds begin migrating to the island.

September: Sea bird breeding season begin. Turtles are frequently sighted.

October: Whale migration season draws to a close and the temperature increases ahead of the summer months. Sea birds continue flocking to the island and manta rays are frequently sighted.

November: Turtle nesting season begins and lasts until early April. Guests are encouraged not to disturb the creatures.

December: Sea bird peak breeding season begins. Turtles continue to nest.

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