Daydream Island Travel Guide

Located in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Daydream Island is an ideal tropical island escape for couples and families alike. Easily accessed from Hamilton Island's Airport and Proserpine's Whitsunday Coast Airport, the island is a popular holiday destination, easily explored on foot at only half a kilometre in width and a kilometre in length.

Part of the Molle Islands group off Queensland's east coast in the Whitsundays, holiday guests of Daydream Island enjoy access to the whole island while the southern end is reserved for day visitors ensuring they don't intrude on the peace and solitude of other guests.


Despite the island's relaxed and back-to-basics vibe, accommodation at Daydream Island Resort doesn't sacrifice style, luxury or modern conveniences. Most rooms enjoy balconies or terraces with stunning views and the resort itself offers a number of excellent dining experiences, activities and facilities including a magnficent outdoor cinema and a unique open-air aquarium.

About Daydream Island

There are three beaches on Daydream Island and each is as beautiful as the next. One of the beaches is even fringed by a live coral reef home to a colourful range of tropical fish. The centre of Daydream Island is shrouded in a small but dense patch of jungle that is home to tiny sunbirds and colourful parrots which provide a tranquil soundtrack to your time on the island and a fun way to spot wildlife when waking through the shaded walkways.

The island is renowned for its spectacular natural beauty, strolling through the tropical landscape, snorkelling and diving the crystal waters and breathtaking coral teeming with marine life are some of the most popular ways to spend your holidays on Daydream Island. There are also a number of wonderful tours available to the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands and lush rainforests of the mainland. Daydream Island is also a popular and picturesque destination for weddings.