Best Time To Visit Daydream Island

Renowned as the jewel of the Whitsundays, Daydream Island is one of Australia's favourite holiday destinations. Offering a relaxed holiday experience, Daydream Island is perfect for families and couples wanting to unwind in tropical paradise. When planning a holiday to Daydream Island, it's vital to know when the best time is to visit. Factors such as pricing, weather and availability can determine when the island will be at its best. Consider our seasonal guide to determine the perfect time to visit Daydream Island


January – March

During the summer period, Daydream Island boasts a very hot, humid tropical climate with temperatures averaging around 30 °C. Due to the increased humidity, Daydream Island also experiences rain showers during this period, with an increased chance of cyclones. Despite the wetter conditions, summer is still a popular time to visit Daydream Island, particularly with families over the school holiday period. So be sure to book early, (at least 4 months in advance) as accommodation sells out fast. The summer period also coincides with stinger season in the Whitsundays and the waters may contain harmful jellyfish. However, you can still swim, snorkel and scuba dive the spectacular waters and Great Barrier Reef, just be sure to wear a stinger suit.

April – June

With beautiful clear skies, tropical sun and minimal rain, April through June is a fantastic time to visit Daydream Island. As the temperature begins to fall, Daydream Island cools down to a lovely 26 °C making it a great time to explore the stunning beaches and the reef. May also draws close to the stinger season and visitors are free to explore the water without the need for a stinger suit. As June begins the official start to Australian winter, the evenings are cooler and there can be strong winds, however most days are clear and sunny.

July – September

A favourite time of year among locals, July through September is one of the best times to visit Daydream Island. Not only are the waters completely stinger free, but the weather is also spectacular. While the days are slightly cooler, temperatures remain around a balmy 24 °C with plenty of sunshine and minimal rain. Providing optimal conditions for exploring the beautiful landscapes, the winter months also bring opportunities for whale watching and sailing.

October – December

Boasting warmer temperatures and increased humidity, October through December is a busy time of year to visit Daydream Island. With the festive season and school holidays approaching, Daydream Island enjoys longer sunny days, averaging at 28°C. The waters also begin to warm and October marks the beginning of the stinger season. A busy time for families, Daydream Island is buzzing with excitement over the Christmas/New Years period.

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