Daydream Island Region Information

Located just over 2 hours from Sydney, Daydream Island is a scenically magic holiday destination that is bursting with tropical adventure and natural beauty. Discover everything you need to know about this highly sought-after region with our comprehensive island map and detailed weather forecast. Find holiday inspiration in our stunning collection of Daydream Island imagery and picture yourself unwinding in tropical paradise.

Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet 3

Daydream Island Map

Explore your desired destinations and plan your holiday with ease using our map of accommodation and points of interest across the amazing Daydream Island region.

Lovers Cove

Daydream Island Weather

Daydream Island is renowned for it's glorious tropical climate and amazing year-round weather. Learn about Daydream Island's weather conditions and consult our monthly temperature guide as you plan your holiday escape.

Western Shore Aerial

Daydream Island Photos & Videos

Get to know Daydream Island's most inspiring locations in our beautifully curated media gallery. Reflecting the true nature of tropical paradise explore the unbelievable landscapes and ocean panoramas that this island is so renowned for.