Daydream Island Weather & Climate

Located in the tropical Queensland Islands, Daydream Island's beautiful warm climate and balmy weather makes for the perfect Whitsundays holiday. Showcasing gorgeous sunshine and spectacular beaches Daydream Island offers the ultimate in outdoor fun and adventure.

Characterised by it's sub tropical climate, Daydream Island averages 24°C to 31°C all year round. Daydream Island's climate consists of warm winters, sunny springs, pleasant autumns and hot, humid summers. Water temperatures are also warm all year round, averaging at 25°C. making it the perfect place for swimming and snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef.

Daydream Island experiences increased rainfall during the wet season from December through to February. This is also when the region receives it's highest temperatures. While the tropical showers are typically heavy, they do not last long and there are usually plenty of sunshine periods during these months.

Daydream Island's beautiful weather means the days are hot and sunny and the island atmosphere is very relaxed. While your holiday attire will consist mainly of swimwear, a light jacket or jumper may be required for evenings during the cooler months.

Annual Average Climate

Averages Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 249 330 275 194 122 96 65 45 29 43 107 192
Temp (°C) 28 27.5 26.5 25.5 23.5 21 20.5 21.5 23 25 27 27.5
Min Temp (°C) 25 25 24 23 21 18 18 18 20 22 23 24
Max Temp (°C) 31 30 29 28 26 24 23 25 26 28 31 31

Annual Average Temperature Graph (°C)

Annual Average Rainfall Graph (mm)

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