Getting To Daydream Island

Located in the Whitsundays just 5km off the mainland, Daydream Island is an idyllic tropical island encircled by a spectacular network of coral reefs. Popular with visitors from accross the globe, Daydream Island has become one of Australia's most sought after holiday destinations. With something on offer for the whole family from beautiful beaches and water sports to the incredible living reef, Daydream Island ticks all the boxes for an amazing tropical getaway.

Getting to Daydream Island is as simple as flying to Hamilton Island and taking a 30 minute transfer with Cruise Whitsundays to the island. For those who like to make a grand entrance, there is also a helipad located on the island.

Direct flights to Hamilton Island operate from Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney with connecting flights available from all major cities.

Direct flights to Proserpine's Whitsunday Coast Airport are also available with coach transfers transporting guests to the launch transfers to Daydream Island.

Flight Times

Sydney 2hrs 25mins
Melbourne 3hrs 24mins
Brisbane 1hr 45mins
Cairns 1hr 05mins


Ferry transfers

Cruising to Daydream Island aboard the ferry is a joy in itself. With picturesque views of the beautiful Whitsundays and surrounding islands, your journey to Daydream Island is a scenic experience you'll never forget. The ferry transfers are scheduled to coincide with most arriving and departing flights, so you won't be waiting too long once you arrive at the terminal.

Getting on (and off) Daydream Island

The friendly Daydream Island staff will be there to welcome you on arrival and answer any questions you have about your Daydream Island holiday. They will even provide a porter to deliver your bags to your room.

When leaving the island, be sure to confirm your departure with reception and have your bags packed in your room one hour before your departure time. The Daydream Island porters will collect your bags and deliver them straight to the Cruise Whitsundays ferry, while you relax in the transit lounge.

Getting around Daydream Island

Just one kilometre long and half a kilometre wide, getting around Daydream Island is as simple as taking a leisurely stroll (just 15 minutes from top to bottom!). This tiny island has established walking tracks that wind through lush vegetation to hidden beaches and secluded coves. Thanks to it's small size and favourable position just off the coast, Daydream Island is also a popular destination for day-trippers wanting a taste of the Whitsundays

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