Daydream Island Diving

Located amid the 74 spectacular Whitsunday Islands, Daydream Island is a popular holiday destination on the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. Home to the amazing Living Reef, the only one of its kind in Australia and the largest in the world, this man-made open air lagoon is an introduction to the tropical fish and other interesting marine life, such as sharks and manta rays, that you'll find on an island diving adventure.


One of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef is a popular diving spot for divers from all over the world and whether it's your first dive or your hundred and first dive, there's sure to be something to amaze you. Come face to face with majestic manta rays, marvel at the vibrant coral and experience the wonder of the world's most magnificent reef system.

There are a few dive sites located close to Daydream Island and are easily accessible from the shore, however the currents can quite strong depending on the time of year. The most popular dive sites off Daydream Island are Lover's Cove, Vaughan's and Staff Jetty. Guests can also snorkel right off the beach along the island's spectacular reef.

Unfortunately dive courses are not provided by Daydream Island, so divers will need to bring their own gear or alternatively, organise a tour though a Whitsundays dive operator. Nevertheless, there are plenty of fun holiday activities to enjoy on Daydream Island, many of which are included in your accommodation rate. Spend your days relaxing by the pool, chilling out on the beach, kayaking the beautiful tropical waters and soaking up the Queensland sun. Alternatively, get the heart pumping with a jet ski adventure, catamaran excursion and rainforest circuit training.

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