Broome is a small town in Western Australia's far north, where the bush meets the sea. With a relaxed feel, colourful way of life and vibrant landscapes, the area attracts artists, writers and musicians.

Cable Beach

However, the town rose to fame with the discovery of the world's largest pearl shell - Pinctada Maxima. Pearling remains one of Broome's major drawcards, with South Sea pearls some of the most sought after in the world. A stunning string of pearl galleries are showcased throughout Chinatown where you can admire the local harvest from afar or splash out on a memento to take home.

Broome's weather and climate enjoys warm sunny days and balmy nights, perfect for enjoying Broome's great outdoors. Renowned as one of Australia's most beautiful beaches, Cable Beach is a magical stretch of sand famous for its breathtaking sunsets.

The coastline north west of Broome is also quite awe-inspiring with iconic landmarks including Anastacia's Pool and Gantheaume Point, well-known for its dinosaur footprints dating back more than 130 million years. The striking contrast of the azure waters and the pigmented rocks that like the shore is a unique and unforgettable sight.