Best Time To Visit Thailand

When planning a holiday, getting your timing right is important and if you're wondering when is the best time to visit Thailand and the answer is quite simple - there really isn't a 'bad' time to visit. As far as the weather is concerned, there aren't really any extremes so it's generally a good time to visit year round. However, as a tropical climate the rainy season from July to October can put some people off. Although it's important to remember that the rain passes quickly and actually helps to cool down the temperature.

If you really want to narrow down the best time to visit Thailand, November to February is much cooler and has the least amount of rain. Unlike many parts of the world, Thailand has only three seasons - summer, wet and winter. Summer is a popular time to visit with many travellers wanting to soak up the sun and enjoy the beautiful beaches however the temperature can get quite hot during summer, so visitors should be prepared. It's also important to remember that Thailand is a large country and different regions have different landscapes and therefore experience different conditions. For example, southern Thailand doesn't really experience a winter.

Central Thailand and its eastern provinces heat up from February to April, with maximum temperatures getting up to around 40 degrees Celsius. The wet season arrives in May and lasts until about October, with frequent but short bursts of rain and the occasional severe storm. Winter is from November to early February, with cooler temperatures but only a couple of days of actual cold weather. The northeast and northern Thailand have similar conditions, although winters are much cooler due to the mountainous terrain of this region. The best time to visit Thailand in these areas is November to February when it's cool and dry, the flowers are blooming and misty mountain fog enhances the spectacular scenery.

Southern Thailand experiences less distinct seasons with summer and the wet season dominating conditions. The best time to visit Thailand holiday destinations like Phuket and Krabi is from mid-November to April while places like Koh Samui are at their best from December to June. If you're planning on exploring both the east and west coasts of the peninsula, then the best time to visit Thailand is from December to April.