Pet Friendly Holidays

Pet owners struggle when it comes to going on holidays. Invariably, it's the decision between trying to find a sitter or shipping them off to some boarding kennel where you hope they'll be properly looked after and won't come back with kennel cough or fleas. However, thanks to TravelOnline's great range of pet friendly holidays, leaving your four legged friend behind is a thing of the past.

First time travelling with a pet? Download our Pet Friendly Travel Checklist for your next pet friendly adventure.

Top Pet Friendly Hotels

Our pet friendly holiday packages are designed to embrace those travelling with animals and offer a great range of dog friendly options. Just because you're accompanied by your fur child doesn't mean you'll be relegated to sub-standard accommodation. Quite the opposite in fact, with a range of pet friendly accommodation that varies from three and a half star to four stars.

From Sydney and Melbourne to the heart of Queensland, to the beautiful city of Perth Western Australia, there are a fantastic range of animal friendly holidays and accommodation. From the laid back atmosphere of the Gold Coast to the bustle of an inner city location and the warm welcome breezes of the country, you and your pets can holiday in style.

Allow yourself to fully relax without worrying about having left your pet at home and enjoy the peace of mind of bringing them with you. With the money you save on boarding fees, you can even choose to stay longer. So whether it's fluffy or scruffy, our pet friendly holidays welcome all creatures great and small to accompany their owners on their trip by catering for the whole family.

Aside from pet friendly accommodation we can also recommend a great range of activities and attractions nearby that you are able to enjoy with your pets. So let our extensive travel experience benefit you with these unique animal friendly getaways. Plus, with our helpful Pet Travel Tips and Tricks, you can ensure your pet is safe and comfortable throughout your travels.

Travelling With Pets FAQ

Whether you're travelling by car or by plane, your pets' comfort and safety is the number one priority. Consult our frequently asked questions to help answer any of your pet travel related concerns.

Travelling by plane

How old does my pet need to be to travel?
In Australia, pets must be eight weeks old to travel domestically and 12 weeks old to travel overseas.

Do I need to vaccinate my pet before they travel?
Vaccinations must be up to date before your pet travels domestically or internationally. Airlines will require a copy of your pet's microchip and vaccination records before travel.

Can my pet travel with me in the passenger cabin?
Only service dogs are allowed in the passenger cabin of the aircraft. All other pets must travel in an approved pet travel crate in the cargo hold. Pet crates are secured to the floor in a climate-controlled area to ensure they are safe and comfortable.

What type of crate should my pet travel in?
Your airline approved travel crate must allow your pet to lay down, stand up and turn around. It should also be fitted with a water container to keep your furry friend hydrated on their journey. We recommend familiarising your pet with their crate before travel.

Should I sedate my pet before travel?
No. Sedating your pet before travel can increase their risk of dehydration and travel sickness. Many airlines will not allow your pet to fly if they appear to be sedated.

Can my pet wear a collar or coat when they travel?
Pets are not allowed to wear any accessories during plane travel. Any coats and collars will be attached to your pet's crate for when they land.

Travelling by car

Should I get my pet micro-chipped?
Yes. Many furry friends go missing every year because they aren't micro-chipped, or the microchip contact details are out of date. Always ensure the contact details are up to date on the microchip register and make sure your dog is wearing an ID tag on their collar.

Should I restrain my dog when travelling in the car?
Yes. Animals should always be restrained while travelling in a car. Popular restraint options include a crate, car harness, or seat belt attachment. For smaller pets, Pet Booster seats are a great option.

How do I ensure my pet is comfortable while travelling?
• Always pack extra bottles of water to keep your pet hydrated.
• Take plenty of rest stops and toilet breaks.
• Bring your pets favourite treats along for the journey. Pig's ears make for great chew toys!
• Pack your pet's favourite toys and blankets as it will help them to relax.
• Never leave your pet unattended in the car.

What should I pack for my pet friendly road trip?
To ensure you are packed and well prepared for your travels, download our helpful pet friendly travel checklist!