Last Minute Holiday Packages

If you've left booking your holiday to the last minute, this can often inspire a feeling of slight panic. Perhaps you were waiting on the pesky HR department to approve your leave and now you're worried about availability. You don't have a lot of time left to think about and research where you want to stay and deciding on an option that suits everyone and ticks all the boxes has left you wondering whether democracy really was a good invention. With less time to consider your options and lining up flights and accommodation proving more difficult than you expected, you might be questioning your judgement. However don't be so hard on yourself, there are many benefits that can be gained by booking last minute, including significant savings on flights and accommodation.

Holiday packages are the easiest and most convenient way to take the stress out of planning and booking your getaway. Whether you're planning a romantic weekend away for two or are finally taking the whole family on the well-deserved holiday you've been saving for, there's something to suit everyone not matter your budget. Last minute holiday packages are a great way to take care of everything quickly and easily, with a number of flights, accommodation, transfer and tour options conveniently grouped together with dates and times that complement each other, meaning there's no waiting around the lobby before you can check in or rushing through the airport trying to make your flight.

Browse the selection of deals below and let us take care of everything, so the only thing you need to worry about is which swimsuit to pack.

Last Minute Packages

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There are some great last minute deals to be had that include everything you need for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday including flights, accommodation, transfers, tours, travel insurance and more. Last minute packages also offer a great range of discounts as airlines and accommodation providers try to fill empty seats and rooms. With the money that you save you can choose to stay longer, enjoy more tours and activities, upgrade your room or save it towards another holiday.

Just because you're booking last minute doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the added extras that make a holiday special, you can still choose to add optional extras like meal plans, massages, car hire and more. Our experienced travel consultants can take you through step-by-step and book everything over the phone with you, right then and there.