Layby Holidays & Packages

Layby holidays make it easier to afford and book your holiday. Take advantage of our great deals with an easy down payment and then continue to pay it off in installments. Flights must be paid for in full as part of your deposit, but the remainder of your layby holiday package can be paid off in easy and affordable repayments in the months leading up to your departure. As long as payment is received in full a minimum of 45 days before your travel date, you can pay installments weekly, fortnightly or monthly - whatever suits you.

Everyone deserves a holiday and we understand that with the increasing cost of living, it can be hard to find room in the budget. Even with our fantastic deals, by the time you pay for flights and accommodation, food and drink, tours and activities, car hire and spending money, the costs soon add up. However split the total cost over more manageable payments and suddenly that dream holiday seems like much more of a reality.

Ensuring you don't miss out on the best deals, our layby holiday packages mean that you can secure a hot deal with just a small down payment - often as little as $100 for packages without flights. By paying a deposit, you won't miss out on room availability and limited time offers can still be taken advantage of, even if you're not quite there with your savings just yet. Don't miss the opportunity to take your dream holiday. Make a down payment to secure your booking and look forward to your holiday as you make additional payments with each installment.

A convenient way to pay, our layby holiday packages combine everything from flights and accommodation to tours and activities, travel insurance and much more. Not only will you benefit from the discounts of bundling everything together, you'll also have plenty of time to pay it off. This ensures you can still comfortably afford the costs of daily life and spoil yourself with a well-deserved holiday.