Port Douglas Beaches

Boasting palm fringed shores and brilliant blue waters, Port Douglas is the perfect place for a beach holiday. Port Douglas beaches are one of the region's most popular attractions, offering a beautiful place to relax, work on your tan, swim, surf and even fish. Despite the term Port Douglas beaches implying that there is more than one, there is actually only one Port Douglas beach that just happens to go by two names. Port Douglas Beach is more commonly known as Four Mile Beach and is one of the most popular northern Australian beaches.

Four Mile Beach

Despite Four Mile Beach's popularity, it doesn't get as crowded as some of the other Queensland beaches and there is plenty of space to enjoy your day. Thanks to its great location and small swell, Four Mile Beach is excellent for swimming and rips rarely occur. The beach is patrolled by lifeguards and the stinger enclosure allows you to enjoy the beach safely during stinger season. Swimming is at its best at high tide, with deeper water and a shorter walk to the waves.

Wind surfing is the most popular form of surfing you'll find on Four Mile Beach and the short low waves and trade winds offer the perfect conditions. However if you prefer to throw a line in, then the northern headland offers the best fishing in Port Douglas. If you're up for some serious fishing action you can also hire a boat and head offshore.

Despite what its name suggests, Four Mile Beach is actually only 4km long beginning at Island Point and ending at the rocky mangrove reef of Mowbray River. Much of the beach is low and flat and the northern end is the most easily accessible, located just 1km from the centre of town. There are also three access tracks located at the Mirage Resort and through some of the residential development.

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