Getting to Magnetic Island

Located 8 km offshore of Townsville's mainland, Magnetic Island has come to be known as almost another suburb of Townsville despite its island status. Although the island is home to more than 2000 permanent residents, the map shows more than 50% of the island's area is made up of National Park.

Location Map

Situated in Cleveland Bay, Magnetic Island is easily accessed via the Nelly Bay Harbour from Townsville Breakwater. Getting there is easy; it's as simple as a short ferry ride across the water to the 52 square kilometres of mountainous terrain that is Magnetic Island.

Although visitors arrive at Nelly Bay, Horseshoe Bay is actually the part of the island most popular with tourists. An extension of Townsville, the infrastructure and public facilities of Magnetic Island are managed by Townsville's City Council.

Jetstar and Virgin Blue operate direct flights into Townsville from all major Australian cities and from here you can connect with the ferry to transfer you to Magnetic Island.