Magnetic Island

Located just 8 km off Townsville on Queensland's coast, Magnetic Island is accessible by ferry and set in Cleveland Bay. Often referred to as an extension of Townsville, Magnetic Island offers 52 square kilometres of mountainous terrain home to more than 2000 permanent residents. Home to a bird sanctuary and expansive National Park, Magnetic Island enjoys a number of fantastic walking tracks that wind throughout the bays and lead to popular tourist attractions including forts from WWII.


Magnetic Island accommodation comes in many forms including self-contained units, motels, resorts, hotels, luxury accommodation, holiday apartments and more. All conveniently located within a short distance of the local shopping, dining, activities and attractions, Magnetic Island accommodation offers options to suit all travellers and budgets due to its wide range of choices.

About Magnetic Island

There are few lovely beaches that are scattered around the place however Magnetic Island is better known as a haven for wildlife. 54 per cent of the island is made up National Park, most of which is situated on the island's north west and interior across its steep hills. Renowned for its unique wildlife, Magnetic Island is home to the iconic Bush Stone Curlew which can be heard across the island. Koalas are also quite a common site on the island, especially along the tracks along the Fort Walk.

Surrounded by the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Marine Park, Magnetic Island is gaining in popularity with millions of dollars planned in developments. With existing development perfectly harmonising with the island's natural environment, Magnetic Island gets its name from the alleged 'magnetic' effect it had on Captain Cook's ship's compass as he sailed Australia's east coast in 1770.

These days, the island is better known for its 'magnetic' effect on visitors to Townsville and the surrounding area. There are plenty of relaxing or adventure activities to enjoy while visiting the island, all of which take advantage of the excellent facilities and spectacular natural environment.