Gold Coast Parks

The Gold Coast is home to more than 2000 parks and reserves, with many yet to be discovered. Ideal for a picnic or just enjoying some fresh air and activity, the parks are particularly popular with families and tourists. Some of the most popular Gold Coast parks include the Broadwater Parklands, Botanic Gardens, Palm Beach Parklands and Kurrawa Pratten Park.

Surfers Paradise

The Broadwater Parklands was originally a car park that held up to 900 vehicles but has since been transformed into a state-of-the-art recreational space that features BBQs and picnic tables, a rooftop terrace with stunning views of Surfers Paradise, a fishing pier, swimming areas and a large lawn area ideal for sports. The southern area also boasts 2.8 hectares of wide open space, the equivalent of four football fields.

The Botanic Gardens are particularly popular with tourists but are also well-loved by the locals and offer 31 hectares of stunning flora and fauna just minutes from Surfers Paradise. The Sensory Garden offers the opportunity to smell and touch a range of plant species while the Rose Garden is a colour and scent overload. The Butterfly Garden is a wonderful way to get up close and personal with its prettily patterned residents while the Mangroves to Mountain walk offers diversity at its best. The whole family will love strolling around the lake along the boardwalk taking in the sights and there are a number of picnic areas and children's playground to keep everyone entertained.

Palm Beach Parklands offers something for everyone including a pirate-themed playground, coffee shop, access to the beach and plenty of open space for sports. There are a number of undercover shelters ideal for a picnic however it's the awesome pirate playground that the park is famous for. The award-winning Treasure Island Playground is fun for kids of all ages and features a large pirate ship 'wrecked' against the rocks that features slides, rockers, spinners and a range of activities including 'walking the plank'. There are hidden treasures to be discovered and musical play things too, all shaded by the big sails of the ship.

The Kurrawa Pratten Park at Broadbeach is the first Gold Coast park to offer an 'all abilities playground' offering a fun and innovative way for kids of all ages to play. This unique park features educational yet imaginative motor and sensory play that offers disabled children the opportunity to play outdoors and join in with their siblings and friends. There are three main zones including the hill, sandcastle and undersea areas that are connected by pathways as well as 6 interactive art projects created by local special education students.