New Zealand Weather & Climate

Located south of the Tropic of Capricorn, within 37 and 47 degrees, New Zealand features a maritime climate that creates moderate, enjoyable weather. Separated into North and South, both Islands feature mild temperatures, plenty of sunny days and only moderate rainfall. New Zealand's climate is controlled by its main geographical features, the sea and the mountains.

In the North Island, the weather tends to be more subtropical, particularly in summer. With much of the country situated close to the coast, New Zealand weather tends to experience moderate temperatures, an abundance of sunshine and average rainfall. In the South, inland alpine regions see temperatures drop as low as -10°C in winter. However this doesn't prevent visitors from enjoying New Zealand, in fact quite the opposite!

Visitors flock to New Zealand in the winter to experience this spectacular alpine playground. Snow season means white-capped peaks, fun and plenty of adventure. The New Zealand ski season generally begins in early June, depending on weather conditions and snow fall, and runs for approximately 130 days, ending around mid-October.

Due to its position in the Southern Hemisphere, average temperatures across New Zealand tend to drop the further south you travel. The weather is warmest in January and February and July is the coldest month of the year. Maximum summer averages range between 20-30ºC and in winter, 10-15ºC.

Despite its mild climate, New Zealand's weather can change unexpectedly and quite rapidly so it is advised that you prepare yourself, particularly for outdoor activities. Although the country experiences a high average rainfall, precipitation is spread out fairly evenly during the year giving New Zealand its much loved native forests.

New Zealand Climate

Bay of Islands    
Temp (C)19/925/1421/1116/7
Temp (F)67/4876/5670/5261/45
Rain days1171116
Temp (C)18/1124/1220/1315/9
Temp (F)65/5275/5468/5559/48
Rain days1281115
Temp (C)17/724/1218/913/4
Temp (F)63/4575/5465/4855/39
Rain days119913
Temp (C)15/920/1317/1112/6
Temp (F)59/4868/5563/5254/43
Rain days1171013
Temp (C)17/722/1218/812/3
Temp (F)63/4572/5465/4654/37
Rain days7777
Temp (C)16/522/1016/610/1
Temp (F)61/4172/5061/4350/34
Rain days9887

Mean daily maximum/minimum temperatures