Getting To Hayman Island

Hayman Island enjoys a breathtaking location just 33 km due east of the north Queensland coast on the famous Great Barrier Reef. The map below shows where all accommodation and facilities are located or click on the thumbnail for an aerial view of the island.

The easiest way to get to Hayman Island is via a transfer from the Great Barrier Reef Airport on Hamilton Island. All launch transfers, helicopters and sea planes connect with commercial flights and depart from here. Luggage transfer will be arranged by a member of the Hayman team and will be delivered to your door.

Getting To Hayman Island

Virgin Australia operates flights daily from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to the Great Barrier Reef Airport.

Virgin Australia also operates a daily flight to Brisbane and Proserpine with connections to Sydney. A coach transfer takes guests from Proserpine to Abell Point Marina followed by a boat transfer to Hayman Island.

Luxury Launch Transfer

A one-hour luxury launch transfer is an experience itself, departing the Great Barrier Reef Airport and gliding through the water to and from your island paradise. The fleet of magnificent sleek white cruisers offer Sun Eagle, Sun Paradise and Sun Goddess which are beautifully appointed to complete your Hayman experience. Refreshments are served on board and all check in formalities are taken care of enabling you to be personally escorted to your room directly on arrival.


Hayman Island can also be accessed directly by chartered helicopter from Hamilton Island, Proserpine Airport or Whitsunday Airport at Shute Harbour. Helicopter transfer costs from Hamilton Island, Proserpine Airport or Shute Harbour are available on application.


From either Hamilton Island, Proserpine or Shute Harbour flying time is approximately twenty minutes, maximum 4/5 persons. Prices are available on application.

Private Charter Flights

Air Whitsunday operates a fleet of private seaplanes which provide transfers from the Great Barrier Reef Airport, Whitsunday Airport, Proserpine Airport, Mackay Airport and Townsville Airport. Transfers to and from Cairns Airport, Orpheus Island, Bedarra Island Airport, Dunk Island Airport and other ports are available on application.