Hayman Island Weather & Climate

Located in the beautiful Whitsundays on the Great Barrier Reef, Hayman Island is a spectacular holiday destination perfect for a relaxing holiday escape. Hayman Island's superb weather and tropical climate showcases glorious sunshine and spectacular beaches all year round. Combining the perfect balance of nature and elegance, Hayman Island is the epitome of barefoot luxury.

Characterised by it's sub tropical climate, Hayman Island averages around 27°C throughout the year. Hayman Island's seasonal climate consists of pleasant, warm winters, sunny springs, balmy autumns and hot, humid summers. A perfect place to visit all year round, the busiest time of year is over the Christmas/New Year period, as well as the months of August and September. The water temperatures remain lovely and warm all year round at approximately 25°C and are perfect for exploring the world-renowned of the Great Barrier Reef.

Throughout the summer months, Hayman Island's increase in temperature and humidity brings heavy rainfall to the area. Tropical showers can affect the region from December through to March with February being the wettest month. While the showers are heavy during this time of year, they often pass quickly and make way for tropical sunshine. Even if you encounter wet weather on Hayman Island, the fun doesn't have to stop and there are plenty of options for rainy day entertainment.

Hayman Island's gorgeous weather and tropical sunshine means the days are balmy and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Beachwear and casual attire is suitable on the island. A light jacket may be required for evenings during the cooler winter months.

Annual Average Climate

Averages Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 206 294 224 138 119 53 39 25 16 37 58 117
Temp (°C) 28 27.5 27 25 23 20 20 20.5 22.5 24 26 27.25
Min Temp (°C) 25 25 24 22.7 20 17.2 16.7 17 19 21 23 24.5
Max Temp (°C) 31 30 29.6 28 26 23 23 24 26 27 29 30

Annual Average Temperature Graph (°C)

Annual Average Rainfall Graph (mm)

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