Kaua'i Holidays & Travel Guide

Boasting awesome red-rock escarpments, great cascading waterfalls and world-class waves, Kaua'i is a natural haven for travellers seeking a break from the Waikiki crowds and isle of resorts. Known as Hawaii's Garden Island, this verdant landscape enjoys sprawling mountain ranges and plunging cliffs – the ideal backdrop for travelling adventurers looking for their next thrill.


On land, visitors have the opportunity to explore the lush valleys by bike, foot or cable; swing through treetops on the popular zipline, cycle down the steep, winding trails, or discover the myriad hiking tracks that envelope the island. By sea, Kaua'i boasts outstanding snorkelling, diving, fishing and surfing – abundant opportunities to get onto and under the water.

One of the wettest places on earth, Mt. Waialeale offers stunning natural vegetation and impressive hikes, like the famously breathtaking Kalalau Trail. In the north, the iconic Na Pali coast extends for 27 kilometres, revealing vast beaches and immeasurable natural beauty. Appreciate the cliffs by sea or air for some of the worlds best views. Kaua'i's north coast also plays host to fantastic surf during the winter months while the south coast is where it's at in the summer.

A popular place to visit for nature and outdoor lovers alike, Kaua'i offers a great range of tours and activities, from the panoramic views of the Hanalei Valley to the gentle Kaua'i warmth and hospitality. For some of the world's most captivating natural beauty, look no further than Kaua'i.

Accommodation in Kaua'i

On Kaua'i's eastern shores lays Lihue, the largest city on the island, as well as the smaller towns of Waipouli, Wailua and Kapaa. Here you'll find a vast array of Kauai'i accommodation options ranging from hotels and resorts to self-catered apartments. Thanks to the countless rivers, valleys and beaches, Lihue and surrounds is one of the most popular places to stay on Kaua'i.

Kaua'i Packages

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Did You Know?

Kaua'i is the northern most and oldest Hawaiian island and its fertile vegetation, spectacular coral reefs and immense canyons are steeped in special significance to the local people. Fostering community and heritage for thousands of years, none of the towns exceed 10,000 inhabitants and Kaua'i law dictates that no building may sit taller than a coconut tree.

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