Hawaii Big Island Holidays

Hawaii's 'Big Island' is almost double the size of the major remaining islands combined and is home to a diverse climate and geography. Famous for Kilauea, the active volcano increases land mass each day as its lava flows into the ocean. Kilauea attracts tourists from all over the world and the Volcano National Park is a popular attraction with scenic flights and night time tours available.

With such a diverse climate and terrain, the Big Island is popular with hikers and the Crater Rim Trail is one of the most challenging. Starting from the Kilauea Visitor Centre, the all day hike follows the rim of the volcano for 18 km and is a must for hiking enthusiasts.

With 11 different climate zones, the island is also home to an amazing array of scenery including snow-capped mountains, golden beaches, lush rainforests and cascading waterfalls. There are also a total of 18 golf courses on the island featuring a tropical atmosphere complete with Pacific coastline views.

The west coast of the island, known as the Kona Coast, features dry and sunny conditions year round and landscapes of black lava rock and tropical flora as well as plenty of beautiful beaches and a range of cultural attractions such as Kealakeku Bay, the site where Captain Cook was killed.

The Kona Coast is also home to a lively shopping and resort district as well as row upon row of coffee plantations where over 100 coffee farms produce and offer complimentary samples and tours of their coffee.

The clear waters of Hawaii's Big Island, and especially those off the Kona Coast, are ideal for snorkelling and diving however there are also a great range of adventure activities on offer including kayaking, sailing, whale watching, big game fishing, horseback riding, hiking, heli tours and scenic tours.

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