Road to Hana

Arguably one of the world’s favourite scenic drives, this 83-kilometre road winds precariously over 59 single-lane bridges, around 617 blind corners and past lush walking tracks, secret falls and local roadside stands. While you could technically make the drive in close to 2.5 hours, we strongly recommend putting aside a full day to take in this exceptional experience.

For those who plan on self-driving, we also strongly suggest rising early and beating the traffic. By staying an hour or two ahead of the crowds, you’ll find the road far easier to navigate and will enjoy the more popular attractions to yourself.

Suggested Stops

Waikamoi Ridge Trail

While this easy walk is not a ‘must-see’, it is one of the first stops after a long first leg and a great place to pull over and stretch. A lush loop trail takes you through dense tropical forest, and you can be back in your car within 10 minutes.

Road To Hana, Maui, Hawaii, Hana

Red Sand Beach

This dramatic, well-hidden cove is like nothing you may have experienced before. Great rust-coloured cliffs tower over the small beach where unreal blue waves crash. This local favourite really is a wholly unique experience, and one well worth doing if you’re aware of the accessibility challenges. Much of the path is subject to erosion, so visitors should be careful and sure of foot. If you’re a confident walker, this should be high on your Road to Hana itinerary.

Honokalani Black Sand Beach

Jet black sand and pebbles offer visitors an extraordinary experience. A highlight for many, travellers are able to cool down in the enclosed cove, explore nearby caves and watch a volcanic blow hole shooting 30 – 40 ft high. Due to its popularity, we suggest aiming to get here as early as possible as the beach is small and does crowd.

Honokalani Black Sand Beach, Black Sand, Hawaii, Maui, Road to Hana

Wailua Falls

Just past Hana, travellers will find the Wailua Falls. While many turn back upon reaching the roads namesake town, take the 20-minute detour to enjoy these remarkable falls. From 173ft above, water gushes down with remarkable force. Visitors can swim in the pools below, though be warned that the water is close to freezing and swimmers should try to stick to the edges.

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