Military Bases in Hawaii

USS Arizona Memorial

There are a number of military bases in Hawaii, both active and inactive, which have played an important role in historical military action. Some of the inactive bases serve as tourist attractions to those wishing to learn about and honour the region's historical significance. Hawaii is also the headquarters for the United States Pacific Command (USPACOM), which is made up of the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy, all of which have bases in Hawaii.

Located in Kaneohe Bay, the Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) is a major air station and Marine Corps base in Oahu on the Mokapu Peninsula. Part of Honolulu, this renowned military facility is home to sailors, Marines and their families as well as a number of civilian employees. The base is located approximately 19km from Honolulu and is home to the Marine Aircraft Group 24, Reconnaissance Wing 2, 3rd Marine Regiment, Navy Patrol and the Combat Logistics Battalion 3 (CLB-3) 3rd Radio Battalion.

However the most famous military activity in Kaneohe Bay was Japan's 1941 surprise strike on]Pearl Harbour's Naval and Military bases in Hawaii. Bringing the US into the WWII conflict, there were actually two attacks on the area, the first being the Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay and the second being Pearl Harbour just 9 minutes later. Many lives were lost in the strike and today, the USS Missouri and Arizona Memorial pay homage to this brutal part of Hawaii's history.

Popular tourist attractions for visitors wanting to pay their respects, the Arizona Memorial is watched over by the USS Missouri, a real life battleship that tourists can board and explore. The memorial can only be reached by boats from the Pearl Harbour naval base, adding an immersive layer to the experience.

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