Cheap Flights from Sydney to Thailand

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Thailand is a vibrant holiday destination home to a rich and diverse range of affordable experiences. Attracting thousands of visitors each year, Thailand boasts amazing culture and cuisine, a fascinating history, breathtaking natural attractions, discount shopping, some of the most modern cities and relaxing island destinations as well as affordable accommodation and cheap flights. Popular with families, couples and young people, cheap flights from Sydney to Thailand are readily available making it a favourite with visitors from New South Wales and its capital city.

Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Jetstar, Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, Emirates and British Airways all offer direct flights from Sydney to Thailand. Virgin Australia operates flights from Perth to Phuket with connecting flights available from all other major Australian cities including Sydney. Thai Airways flies direct to Bangkok while Malaysia Airlines flies non-stop to Phuket and to Bangkok via Kuala Lumpur. Jetstar flies direct from Sydney to Phuket 3 times a week while Singapore Airlines operates flights daily via Singapore to Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui. Air Asia offers flights departing Sydney via Kuala Lumpur to Phuket and Bangkok while Emirates and British Airways fly direct from Sydney to Bangkok daily.

Phuket International Airport is Thailand's second busiest airport and serviced 9.5 million arrivals and departures in the last year. Suvarnabhumi Airport or Bangkok International Airport as it is more commonly known, is the busiest airport in Thailand and serviced an astounding 53 million passengers in the last year. Depending on where you are headed, these are the two airports where most cheap flights to Thailand from Sydney will arrive. The airports are home to a wide range of services, facilities, shopping and dining options as well as a VAT Refund counter where you can claim a refund for any Value Added Tax applied to the manufacturer's price at the point of sale.


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