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Attracting thousands of people each year with its exciting holiday destinations, Thailand is home to a rich culture and cuisine, spectacular natural attractions, ancient history, affordable shopping and living and an interesting contrast of modern cities, lush islands and beautiful beaches. Particularly popular with young people, couples and families, cheap flights from Adelaide to Thailand are readily available making it a favourite among visitors from South Australia and its capital city.

Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines offer cheap flights from Adelaide to Thailand. Malaysia Airlines offers flights to Bangkok and Phuket with stopovers in Kuala Lumpur while Singapore Airlines offers flights to Koh Samui, Bangkok and Phuket with stopovers in Singapore. Virgin Australia, Thai Airways, Jetstar, Air Asia, Emirates and British Airways also offer flights to Thailand from most major Australian cities with connecting flights from Adelaide (ADL) arriving in Phuket (HKT), Bangkok (BKK) and Koh Samui with stopovers in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Denpasar.

Cheap flights to Thailand from Adelaide arrive at both the Phuket and Bangkok airports. Although Phuket is one of the more popular Thailand holiday destinations and the Phuket International Airport services around 9.5 million passengers annually, the Bangkok International Airport is actually Thailand's busiest airport. Also known as the Suvarnabhumi Airport, the Bangkok International Airport services a huge 53 million passengers per annum.

Both airports are a gateway to the many popular Thailand holiday destinations and are home to a convenient range of services, facilities, shopping and dining options as well as public and private transport and VAT refund counters. VAT or Value Added Tax is sometimes added to the manufacturers price of goods bought while in Thailand. By visiting the VAT refund counters before you leave the country you may claim back any addition tax you may have paid on items bought while in Thailand.

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