Surfing at Noosa

As a beachside holiday destination, Noosa is also a popular hangout for surfers. In fact, Noosa is home to some of Australia's best surfing spots and is actually better known for its point breaks than the Gold Coast without a lot of the high rises and development.

Noosa's best surfing begins with Sunshine Beach and follows the coastline around for 12km past the headlands, National Park and to the North Shore. The morning is always a busy time for surfers with long glassy conditions making the beaches hot property for surfers trying to catch some waves.

Noosa's beaches are a big part of its attraction and Main Beach as well as some of the nearby smaller bays are surfing hot spots. In fact, Noosa is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing surfing locations in Australia and indeed around the world. A prime example of this is the Noosa Festival of Surfing, attracting thousands of longboarders from Australia and around the world to take part in one of Australia's most challenging yet rewarding surfing competitions.

However, if you're not quite an expert surfer just yet there are still plenty of spots around Noosa where you can safely and comfortably gain some more practice or even start out with a surfing lesson. Main Beach and Little Cove are the two Noosa beaches best suited to beginner surfers however anyone is welcome to try their luck at any of the beaches.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that not all beaches are patrolled by life guards and some points can be difficult to access, particularly off the coast. Noosa's Main Beach is a favourite with surfers and is also safe for swimming, and best of all its just a short stroll from the shopping, dining, accommodation and tourist hub of Hastings Street.