Noosa Region Information

Plan your next tropical holiday to Noosa with our detailed guide to the most popular regions. Explore our comprehensive region descriptions and discover the must see and do attractions as well as the best places to stay. For those unsure where to start their holiday planning, these carefully curated guides offer a great place to start. Get ready to explore the beauty of tropical Noosa.

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Regions of Noosa

Discover our in-depth Noosa destination guides, with all you need to know about where to visit, what to do, where to stay and how to find the best holiday packages.


Noosa Map

Find your ideal Noosa destinations and plan your holiday with ease with our map of Noosa's top holiday spots, resorts and points of interest across the region.

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Noosa Weather

Discover all you need to know about Noosa's weather and tropical climate. Consult our monthly temperature guide and rainfall chart to determine the best time to visit Noosa.

Noosa - Tourism and Events Queensland

Noosa Photos & Videos

Explore the gorgeous destination of Noosa with our collection of images guaranteed to provide plenty of holiday inspo. Discover the picturesque beaches and national park this holiday spot is so renowned for.

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Noosa Events & Festivals

Despite its reputation for relaxation, Noosa's calendar is always full of excitement and fun things to do. Discover Noosa's top events and festivals here.

Noosa National Park

Noosa History

Learn about the rich history of Noosa. From initial habitation in to modern Noosa today, journey over thousands of years as Noosa develops into one of Australia's top holiday destinations.

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Noosa Library

Whether you want to catch up on some reading, or learn about some local history, Noosa Library offers a wealth of resources for all.