Noosa Weather & Climate

The ideal climate for a beachside holiday destination, Noosa's weather is characterised by mild temperatures and sunny days. Water temperatures are fairly stable for most of the year too, so no matter what time you choose to visit Noosa, you can enjoy its stunning beaches. The tropical climate and warm weather of Noosa are ideal for exploring the local activities and attractions, indulging in some shopping and fine dining or simply sitting back and relaxing around the pool.

Summer in Noosa is from December to February with the hottest time of year in January. Average daily temperatures range from a minimum of 21.3ºC to a maximum of 28.8 ºC. January to March is also the wettest with high humidity (peaking at around 66 per cent in the afternoons) causing the occasional shower.

March, April and May are the autumn (fall) months and continue to enjoy warm weather and surprisingly humid conditions, particularly in the mornings when humidity can park at around 74 per cent. Although temperatures are slightly cooler, the weather is definitely still warm enough to swim.

Winter falls from June to August and although these are the coldest months Noosa experiences, conditions are still relatively temperate, ranging from a minimum of 10.2 ºC up to a comfortable 20.9 ºC. With the skies clearing, winter is the perfect time to warm up and sun yourself on the beach.

For September to November, Spring is the perfect time to visit Noosa as the chance of rain is minimal but the sunshine is plentiful. The lowest average annual rainfall, spring brings clear skies, warm temperatures and the perfect weather for enjoying the beaches and national parks.

With comfortable weather year round, the tropical climate of Noosa ensures that no matter the weather, the extended forecast for Noosa is for a fantastic holiday.

Annual Average Climate

Averages Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 173 173 177 141 151 123 92 63 53 74 91 136
Temp (°C) 27 27 26 25 22 20 19 20 22 24 26 27

Annual Average Temperature Graph (°C)

Annual Average Rainfall Graph (mm)