Northern Territory Climate & Weather

Top End: Renowned as the 'land of two summers', the Top End enjoys plenty of sunshine even in the 'wet' season. This means that no matter what time of year you choose to visit the Top End, the weather is great for exploring the unique attractions and landscape. The Wet Season runs from November to April while the Dry Season lasts from May to October. Generally the Dry Season is the most popular time to visit the Northern Territory as roads and attractions are more easily accessible however it's the Wet Season that brings the most beautiful changes thanks to the tropical growth, waterfalls and creeks and rivers which morph into expansive flood plains. January and February are at the peak of summer and the heart of the monsoonal system which sees heavy rain during the afternoon and overnight. Average temperatures in this part of the Northern Territory generally range from 24.4 degrees Celsius to 38.4 degrees Celsius. May to September sees temperatures sit between 21 degrees Celsius and 31.3 degrees Celsius during the Dry Season while the pre-monsoon period from October to December ranges from 25.2 degrees Celsius to 32.9 degrees Celsius with increased humidity.

Red Centre: Unlike the Top End, the Red Centre in Central Australia experiences a rather different climate that is characterised by very low humidity and little rain. The weather is a little more traditional with the four seasons being much more distinctive here. Summer is from December to February while autumn falls from March to May. Winter occurs during June to August while spring is experienced from September to November. Australia's seasons are the reverse of those experienced in the Northern Hemisphere and although average temperatures are fairly reliable, some days can be a fair bit hotter and some nights can get much cooler. Summer temperatures generally range from 20.6 degrees Celsius to 35.4 degrees Celsius while Autumn cools down to 12.8 degrees Celsius but can reach up to 27.8 degrees Celsius. Winter drops to only 3.1 degrees Celsius but can get up to 20.5 degrees Celsius and spring is a pleasant 14.2 degrees Celsius to 30.3 degrees Celsius.

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