Driving in the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is a popular driving destination with its unique landscapes and natural attractions. The road system is excellent and offers a number of sealed roads and major highways, however the long distances between the Top End and Red Centre's remote attractions means that care should always be taken when travelling. Even most of the main roads are unfenced which means wildlife and wandering livestock can pose potential hazards. If you intend to travel long distances or off road, you should always go prepared with a current map and plenty of spare fuel and water. Driving for long periods of time can also cause fatigue which is one of the most common causes of accidents in the Northern Territory so ensure that you stop every two hours for a rest.

The Stuart Highway runs all the way from Adelaide into the Northern Territory and offers access to some of the region's main towns and attractions while the Barkly Highway offers access from Queensland and Western Australian's will arrive via the Victoria Highway. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even arrive via the Gulf Track along an unsealed road from Wollogorang from Queensland. For these types of action-packed drives, it's advised that you travel via 4WD to cater for the sometimes rough and remote terrain. Although most regular vehicles will get you to major locations and attractions, 4WD allow you to gain access to some of the more secluded natural wonders and is well worth it for the ultimate outback adventure.

If driving all the way into the Northern Territory seems a little bit daunting, you can always fly in to the Darwin International Airport or the more remote Ayers Rock Airport and then hire a car once you're here. This way you get to enjoy a bird's eye view of the unique landscape as you land and then get up close and personal with the flora and fauna once you're on the ground. Driving also gives you the freedom to explore as you wish. However if you don't quite feel confident enough to tackle the roads yourself, there are a number of coach companies who offer services in and around the Northern Territory allowing you to experience the thrill of driving through this amazing outback landscape but with the convenience of someone else doing the driving. Just sit back, relax and take in the unbelievable sights.