Noosa Sports

Noosa provides the perfect backdrop for a great range of sports - from the sedate to the extreme. Whether you're a weekend warrior, a pro athlete or just after a little activity in the great outdoors, Noosa sports offer something for all fitness levels and skills.

Magnetic Island - Horseshoe Bay

The Noosa River and the surf beaches make Noosa a paradise for almost every kind of water sport. Noosa is also a hot-spot for sports like triathlons, golf, tennis and fishing. However that doesn't mean you need to be at competitive level, you can still enjoy a leisurely spot of fishing or a friendly game of beach cricket or volleyball while on holidays in Noosa.

More adventurous spirits can take advantage of the beautiful North Shore and Lakelands by venturing out on a camel safari or a horseback trail-ride. And don't forget four-wheel driving. If that's not thrilling enough, try abseiling, skydiving, paraflying or even mountain bike tours.

You will rarely have to bring your own gear as operators can provide everything you require. However if your sport is more than just a hobby, you may prefer to bring your own gear. While the river is a haven for rowing, sailing, and windsurfers, the ocean beaches are ideal for surfing, swimming (only between the flags) and surf-skiing.

Noosa's climate makes it ideal for all outdoor pursuits at any time of the year, although during summer when the temperatures heat up and the sun is at its hottest and most harmful, it's important to always wear protective sunscreen, drink plenty of water and avoid the midday sun.