Running in Noosa

Noosa Heads offers beautiful scenery and mild weather for running while on holidays. It is the perfect place to run due to the wonderful beaches, Noosa National Park and the river front. Some of the places to run in Noosa Heads include:

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Noosa National Park 9KM Loop

Noosa National Park has many different tracks to choose from and it is only 1km from Hastings Street. You can walk, run or drive up Park Road past Little Cove to reach Noosa National Park. At the entrance of the National Park there is a map displaying all the tracks and their degree of difficulty. A stunning run begins at the main entrance and goes along the coastal path to Hells Gate and onto Tanglewood track path. Tanglewood track is inland through the bush and is approximately 9km long. From there you can extend your run by running back into Hastings Street or by adding another loop of this track or another track.

Noosaville to Noosa Heads

This is a nice easy flat run from Noosaville to Hastings Street. Start at the Yacht Club at Noosaville run along the path on Gympie Terrace until you come to the end. Turn right onto Weyba Road and left onto Noosa Parade. Noosa Parade is a 3km flat stretch of road with holiday resorts and waterfront homes; it will take you into the centre of Noosa Heads. Cross over two bridges and you will be at the Sofitel Hotel, just around the corner from Hastings Street. This run is approximately 9km return.

There are options to extend your run from here, turn left at Hastings Street and run to the end of the street, turn around and run back along the boardwalk at the beach and continue back to Noosaville. Or from Hastings Street, keep running through to Noosa Woods and to the Spit. Running to the Spit and back to Noosaville is approximately 12km. If you'd like to run a hill run from Hastings St up Noosa Drive until it turns into Weyba Rd and follow this road back to Gympie terrace. This option is 14km return and is recommended for experienced runners.

Noosa 8km Loop

There is a loop around Noosa Heads, Noosa Junction and Noosaville that is 8km and challenging with Noosa Hill to conquer. Start at the northern end of Hastings Street, running up Noosa Hill and downhill on Noosa drive past the Junction Shopping Centre and then onto the path on Weyba Road. Follow this path around and turn right into to Noosa Parade. The beauty of this run is that it is a loop and you can start at any point. It's a run recommended for those runners who want the challenge of a steep incline to start their run. For those experienced runners you can do the loop twice which will is approx 15km.