Bali Holidays Never Been On Your Radar? Why Now Is The Best Time To Go

27th May 2022 Travel Tips Asia

Bali Beach

Bali has long been a popular holiday destination for Aussie tourists and its resort lifestyle, affordable shopping, dining and spa treatments and vibrant nightlife have been major attractions. However for some Australian holidaymakers, these drawcards have also been seen as drawbacks. If the bustling shores of Bali don't hold the same appeal as other more relaxed destinations, then we have some exciting news for you. The absence of tourism in the last couple of years has seen a unique shift in the atmosphere of a Bali holiday. The pace has slowed down, the crowds have thinned out and the locals have returned a sense of tradition and authenticity to the streets. You've never seen Bali like this before and you're never likely to again. If a Bali holiday has never really been on your radar, then now is the best time to visit!

It's Cheaper Than Ever

The reopening offers that are currently available are some of the best value for money we've seen when it comes to Bali holidays. Be quick as these won't last - hotels are likely to increase their rates from June onwards as they get busier. Savvy travellers will take advantage of these amazing reopening offers and book now for travel later into the year. Although the cost of dining and entertainment in Bali is still very affordable, some businesses may pass government tax increases onto customers. Bali holiday packages that include bonus meals and drinks or resort credits are the best way to avoid price hikes on dining, beverages, spa treatments, activities and more.

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It's More Authentic Than Ever

The hard times brought on by Covid saw many Balinese workers leave the tourist areas and return to their villages. The traditional Balinese culture and Hindu religion has been very important to them throughout this time and is stronger than ever. Be aware of offerings in the street and don't step on them. It's also important to remember that the local people have spoken little to no English in the last 2 years so they may be a little rusty. Your kindness and patience will be rewarded with a taste of the 'real' Bali that is rarely seen in the more populated tourist areas. Rather than needing to traipse to some of the more deserted parts of the island, these more authentic experiences have come to you… but not forever. As more tourists slowly start to return to the shores of Bali, this authenticity will slowly be replaced by the hustle and bustle that places like Kuta are known for.


It's More Relaxed Than Ever

With travel only just starting to return to some sort of normalcy, the big tourist crowds are yet to make their way back to Bali. This means it's far from the holiday hotspot it used to be, leaving you free to explore and enjoy at your leisure. You won't have to wait in line at the bar and you won't have to jostle for position with throngs of thonged Aussies trying to score a bargain at the markets. Not to mention, service standards will be impeccable as the local workforce will be utterly thrilled to have visitors back supporting the economy once again. Be mindful that these last 2 years have been a particularly tough time for the Balinese people who rely on tourism and did not receive any government benefits to survive. Now is the time to give a little more and bargain a little less, so consider tipping your driver and avoid haggling too hard, if at all.

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It's Easier Than Ever

Bali's government has removed quarantine and testing requirements, meaning it's easier than ever to travel to Bali. Visa on arrival has been reinstated, so getting to Bali now is pretty much like the good old days - minus the boardshort bedecked buffoons packing the airport terminal. Not to mention, Bali is gearing up for its best weather all year. If you're anywhere along the east coast of Australia, you're probably sick of being soggy. Easy breezy Bali is just heading into its dry season, so you're in for a treat with plenty of sunny days, cleaner oceans and all minus the horrendous humidity. Right now is literally the best time to visit Bali, with the weather at its most pleasant between now and October. However by October, you can bet the tourist crowds will have returned as well. Our best advice is to get in now for a totally new experience of what a Bali holiday can be.

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