NSW Weather & Climate

The New South Wales Coast is a subtropical climate region of Australia which experiences four distinct seasons. The eastern areas are characterised by temperate weather while the central coast experiences more humid weather and the south coast attracts slightly cooler weather as it is closer to the ocean.

The weather and climate of the NSW Coast is relatively mild with well-defined seasons that feature hot summers and cool winters. The north west of the NSW Coast is the hottest region and the seasons in these areas are less apparent featuring hot and wetter summers and cooler but drier winters. There are colder regions that can experience snow and frost during winter however these are confined to further inland.

Average maximum temperatures for the NSW Coast range from 26 °C in summer and 16 °C in winter with average minimum temperatures falling between 19 °C in summer and 7 °C in winter however the weather and climate is relatively mild year round.

As with much of Australia's weather, the New South Wales Coast climate lends itself perfectly to mild sunny days and while rainfall helps to keep the region clean, green and beautiful there are plenty of clear days throughout the year. Rainfall does vary throughout the region with the areas further north-west receiving the least rain, generally less than 180 mm a year. The east tends to receive a bit more rainfall ranging from between 600 mm and 1200 mm annually.

Weather Ranges for NSW Cities

CityMin Temp in CelsiusMax Temp in CelsiusNumber Clear DaysAv Rainfall mm
Coffs Harbour14231221679
Wagga Wagga922124566
Broken Hill1224137245


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