Maldives Surfing

An idyllic tropical paradise home to enchanting blue waters and powdery white sands, the Maldives is one of the worlds hottest surfing destinations. Often compared to Indonesian surf, the Maldives’ waves are slightly mellower and offer spectacularly clear water. Thanks to the Maldives’ favourable position in the Indian Ocean, the waves are consistent long and offer barrel after barrel.


Offering the most pristine water you’ve ever seen, the Maldives surf is characterised by a great variety of reef breaks, ranging from hard hitting walls to long chilled out rides. The best thing about the Maldives surf, is that many of the best breaks can be accessed from your resort. Many Maldives resorts offer surfing excursions with qualified staff who are extremely knowledgeable about the local surf breaks. They can take you to the best swell and will provide you with all the equipment you need.

The surfing season in the Maldives is dependent the seasonal monsoons. The surf season begins in late February and lasts through to mid-November, with the best swell coming in during March and April. The swell averages a 4-5 feet and can reach heights of up to 12 feet in peak surfing season

The wet season occurs from May to October and brings high levels of humidity, rain and frequent cloudiness. However, June, July and August bring the biggest swell so if you’re chasing powerful waves and don’t mind the rainfall (you’ll be getting wet anyway so who cares, right?), this is a great time to visit.

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After this period, the waves begin to drop and provide unfavourable surfing conditions. The month of September brings the most rainfall and the increased wind causes most the swell to blow out. So, if you’re looking for clean waves, surging swell and glorious weather, it’s best to arrive before the wet season.

Best Maldives Surf Spots

Made up of 26 atolls and over 1000 islands, there is no shortage of ocean swell in the Maldives. The top 5 surf spots in the Maldives are:

  • Chickens – North Male Atolls
  • Cokes – North Male Atolls
  • Jailbreaks – Himmafushi Island Kaafu Atoll
  • Lohis – Male Atolls
  • Natives/Foxys – South Male Atolls