Best Time To Visit Hamilton Island

Located halfway between the coastline of Mackay and Townsville, Hamilton Island is one of the 74 tropical islands that make up the Whitsundays group. Hamilton Island is the largest inhabited island, measuring 4.5km from north to south and 3km from east to west. Boasting relaxed resort culture and a lush tropical ambience, Hamilton Island is renowned as one of Australia’s most visited holiday destinations. When planning a holiday to Hamilton Island, it helps to know when the best time is to visit. Considerations such as weather, peak seasons and events can determine when the island will be at its best. Consider our seasonal guide to determine the perfect time to visit Hamilton Island.


January – March

During the Australian Summer, Hamilton Island receives a very hot and humid tropical climate. Temperatures average around 29 °C and the island experiences the heaviest amount of rainfall. There is also a possibility of cyclones during this time. However, despite the wet season, Summer is still a popular time to visit Hamilton Island, particularly with families thanks to the summer school holidays. If you plan on visiting Hamilton Island during this time, be sure to book early as accommodation and tours can sell out quickly. January through March also coincides with stinger season (running from October to May). During this time, the waters surrounding Hamilton Island may contain the harmful box jellyfish and the Irukandji jellyfish, both of which can deliver a potentially fatal sting. It is recommended that visitors wear protective stinger suits when entering the water and exploring the reef.

April – June

Boasting clear skies, minimal rain and plenty of sunshine, April through June is a great time to visit Hamilton Island. As the weather begins to cool off, Hamilton Island temperatures average at a balmy 24°C making it a great time to explore the regions beautiful scenery and reef. May also draws the close of stinger season and visitors can venture into the water without the need for a stinger suit.

July – September

Renowned as a favourite among the locals, July through September brings cooler, sunny days with a low chance of rainfall. Although the temperature cools down, the weather is still great for swimming and the waters are completely stinger free. The winter months also bring opportunities for whale watching, while the north-eastern trade winds make it a great time of year for sailing, which coincides perfectly with the Hamilton Island Race Week. Occurring every August, Hamilton Island Race week is a premier yachting event that attracts visitors from across the globe. The island becomes very busy during this period, especially during the winter school holidays, so we recommend booking in advance.

October – December

With the festive season drawing upon us, the end of the year brings a warm, more humid climate with longer sunny days. A busy time for families, the Christmas holidays are a great time to visit Hamilton Island and the region is buzzing with excitement over the Christmas/New Year’s period. The temperature averages at approximately 28°C and the water beings to warm. However, October also marks the beginning of stinger season. December is a great time of year for turtle spotting and sailing around the picturesque Whitsundays.

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