Airlie Beach Weather & Climate

Airlie Beach enjoys a subtropical climate that provides fine, mild weather year round. The surrounding islands experience a hot and humid wet season from November to May however Airlie Beach remains at a relatively steady 32 degrees Celsius with less humidity during these summer months.

The humidity is created by the rainfall this season receives, averaging 1000mm per year however this is much less than most of Australia's other capitals and there are generally only a few days of wet weather a month during this period.

Winter in Airlie Beach falls between June to October and although the climate does get cooler, temperatures are still quite warm compared to the rest of Australia. The temperature drops to about 16 degrees Celsius during this time with a maximum of 27 degrees Celsius however most days the temperature is a mild 23 degrees Celsius allowing you to enjoy pleasant weather year round.

Much of Airlie Beach's wonderful weather and comfortable climate can be attributed to its stunning location on the Queensland coast off the Great Barrier Reef. Facing north, Airlie Beach benefits from plenty of sunshine and cooling sea breezes to provide the perfect balance for your Tropical North Queensland holiday.

The subtropical climate of Airlie Beach does however tend to experience cyclones from January to March. Temperatures reach approximately 32 degrees Celsius and the ocean is also at its warmest. Although an average of up to 3 cyclones cross the Queensland coast annually, most travel southwest from the Coral Sea and don't tend to have a major impact on Airlie Beach itself.

Airlie Beach Weather Forecast


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Airlie Beach Annual Average Climate

Averages Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 220 260 250 230 150 110 80 50 10 40 70 200
Temp (°C) 27 27 26 24 22 20 19 20 22 24 26 27
Min Temp (°C) 25 24.9 23.8 22.6 21 18.4 17.6 17.9 19.7 21.7 23.4 24.3
Max Temp (°C) 30.5 30.1 28.7 27.2 24.9 22.5 21.9 22.6 25.2 27.6 29.2 30.1

Airlie Beach Annual Average Temperature Graph (°C)

Airlie Beach Annual Average Rainfall Graph (mm)